How it works

photo woman sitting in a cafe drinking coffee and using mobile phone

Create an account

Everyone creates an account in the same way, with a single click to generate a unique username and password that can be used to issue and store rewards tokens, and as credentials to authenticate themselves on the platform.

Picture of artist, Nick Bultman.

Establish a profile

Artists can create a rich media profile, in one straightforward step, to establish their very own place in the Red8 Space. Thereafter, they can 'mint tokens' for various uses, and everyone can engage with them, from social media promotion to sponsorship.

Picture of Beyond the Algorithm.

Create value and monetise

The digital tokens minted by the artists can represent rewards and promotional offers, and eventually, perhaps even artwork for trading in the secondary market - including fractional ownership and NFTs - creating instant liqudity for bought pieces.

Network and collaborate

Everyone benefits from rewarding engagement - online, in store and, of course, at specially arranged events in person. The network effect means everyone gets better value, the more people participate.

About The App

Red8 Space is simply a webapp that digitally connects artists, collectors and service providers to the Orbital Blockchain Network. The Red8 Space app has no control whatsover over the content provided by the users of the platform, who retain absolute control and responsibility over every aspect.

The Orbital Blockchain Network is a distributed public ledger where transactions between parties can be recorded on a peer-to-peer basis, i.e. without any third-party control or interference.

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